About I Moonler Collection
Moonler Collection is the number one leader in wooden furniture in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Moonler provides high quality products of wooden furniture. We export to many countries in the world.
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Moonler Collection Limited was established in 2008 by Mr. Phuwanat Damrongporn (an engineer by training) and Mr. Sarawut Sakthamcharoen (a designer) who are passionate in designing quality and stylish wooden furniture.

Moonler started off as a humble shop front and a modest workshop that handles large wood production and product distribution production. Within a short span of a few years, Moonler grew and expanded its production facilities and capabilities to its current premise of 4000 square metres that includes a wood workshop, metal workshop and a showroom all located within the Doi Saket district in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Apart from this, Moonler has a showroom at Bypass Street in Phuket, Southern part of Thailand.

Moonler is an expert in the design and manufacturing of wooden furniture using Monkey Pod wood as its main material. We design, produce and sell a range of contemporary design furniture distinguished by clean lines, natural styling and superior craftsmanship. Our aim is to produce good quality furniture that highlights the outstanding features of the Monkey Pod wood such as nice grain and colour and yet maintain the concept of natural beauty. And this makes Moonler well known and recognized for its quality work in both domestic and international markets.

We at Moonler believe that our commitment to high quality manufacturing and dedicated service to our customer will contribute our future growth.

“I love the characteristics of the Monkey Pod wood”

We decided to work with Monkey Pod because it is our local material and specializing in one type of wood enables us to excel our craftsmanship and cater quicker to our customer’s needs.

Mr. Phuwanat Damrongporn