About I Moonler Collection
Moonler Collection is the number one leader in wooden furniture in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Moonler provides high quality products of wooden furniture. We export to many countries in the world.
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     Moonler Collection Co., Ltd. was established in 2008 by Mr. Phuwanat Damrongporn (Engineer) and Mr. Tor Sarawut (Designer) who both share love and passion for furniture design. Started as a small workshop and store in Chiangmai Thailand, the factory quickly expanded to a 4,000 square meters (43,000 square feet ) space with fully equipped wood and metal departments.

Moonler specializes in production of Monkey Pod. Moonler’s main focus is on high quality fi nished products for export markets. Moonler off ers handcrafted custom products most of which are designed in-house. In few short years, Moonler became a leading factory in Thailand known and recognized for its quality work and high end projects.

Moonler is committed to manufacturing and delivering high quality products.
We at Moonler believe that our commitment to high quality manufacturing and dedicated service to our customers will contribute to our future growth.

We off er contemporary designed furniture with clean lines, natural styling and expert craftsman-ship. Each piece in our collection refl ects the beauty of Monkey Pod. Some products combine the use of custom metal parts.

“I love the characteristics of the Monkey Pod wood”

We decided to work with Monkey Pod because it is our local material and specializing in one type of wood enables us to excel our craftsmanship and cater quicker to our customer’s needs.

Mr. Phuwanat Damrongporn